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    Granola Bars? (and other advanced bakery and candy treats!)

    I just had one horse level up where he wants a granola bar for a treat. I have one in my inventory (a gift from someone). How do I get more? The bakery only makes the apple cookies and honey crunchies, and the Herb Garden does licorice and mint candies. How do I generate the more advanced bakery and candy items? I'm sure there is a simple answer, and I am just missing it! Thanks for helping!
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    Well, I knew it was an easy answer! I thought I had checked before, but obviously NOT! The answer to my question is that there is a scroll (sideways) in both the bakery and herb garden for the "advanced" treats! So, now if anyone else has this same question, you will know the answer, too! :-)
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    Yes indeed! Glad you found the answer!
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