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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush Go to original post
    Hi guys, this is a known issue, please keep an eye on the stickies for updates.
    Thanks for the answer.

    May we get the link (of sticky) where the regarding update would appear once fixed?

    Not everyone uses twitter or whatever trickery you use for updates
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    Ubi_Irina posts patch notes as stickies, I will look out for this issue and post a link when one is available.
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    this bug caused me to quit playing once before. i resorted to the original self contained demo, and this beautiful piece of actionscript -
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    Thank god I wasen't alone, me and my daugther can't make new heroes together anymore, makes her sad... Plz Ubi, get this fixed
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    I hope this will be fixed soon, as well the problems of the browser version of the altar of wishes that won't load after the purchase of new heroes.
    Maybe I'm wrong but i think that the two problems have some correlation...
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    Me too have this problem but, because I haven't finished all the campaigns, I thought it's became available after them.
    Now I understand that this is a bug, and maybe linked to the impossibility to view "Altar of Whishes" content because I saw it before the purchase of free heroes and obtained an infinite loading after
    If you start a new campaign you can generate a new hero but he became available only at the end of that campaign and the sex is bound to the standard hero of that campaign (Ithink to keep coherence with the story)

    Waiting for patches
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    I've got 106 heroes (patch 1.7.1) and a can't create a new heroes((( I've bought all heroes from Altar and created only 10 my own heroes. I'm hoping for new patch which allow me to delete some Altar heroes ore where heroes limit will be increased about 150....
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    I need delete Altar heroes !!!
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