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    I hope you won´t forget to return the chance to create custom heroes for those, who cannot create them now. Maybe it is problem just for people with collectors edition...
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    i have a frined using a laptop and has this issue, haven't been able to play with him on the net but that is another cup of tea, but at least he can play that dlc now!
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    I would have to agree to a lot of the posts here....Until you can fix the saved game issue, this game is unplayable! I even tried to restart the Campaign Map to see if I can save it from where I ended. It works only if I don't log out of the game apparently. And you think that if you can just put out another expansion those that have been loyal fans will be happy. If the bugs were fixed we might be happy with an expansion but when you can't fix something...update it with worse bugs so that the players will realize that the 1st set of bugs wasn't that bad. What ever happened to product testing before release? Or is that where we come in?
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    I have the same Black screen problem with this game and i'm not running a dual graphics card system.
    My computer specs:
    Asus P5Q-E
    Intel Q9550
    Ati Radeon HD 4870 512MB
    4GB RAM

    Does anyone know if this is more ATI related problem or are NVIDIA users having the same issue(single card users)?
    Editing the ProfileData -file and replacing <gfx_InvalidateShaderCache>true</gfx_InvalidateShaderCache> with <gfx_InvalidateShaderCache>false</gfx_InvalidateShaderCache> helped me to get
    the game running but most of the time I still get the black screen.If you kill the game in Task Manager and just start it again you may get the game running but that doesnt work everytime..
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    Originally Posted by Ondra8923 Go to original post
    I hope you won´t forget to return the chance to create custom heroes for those, who cannot create them now. Maybe it is problem just for people with collectors edition...
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    Originally Posted by startekselva Go to original post
    Can anyone send the link to download the patches
    1.1 patch
    1.1.1 patch
    1.2 patch
    1.2.1 patch
    1.3 patch
    1.4 patch
    1.5 patch
    1.5.1 patch
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    Hi,great job on the town screens,the problem is i have texture problems at the game,i have the latest driver,(ati radeon 4850,os win7/64),maybe the same "black screens" you mentioned about,i have some black textures,but at the town its perfect,can you solve it?
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    My friend and I played MMH6 v1.5.1 all weekend after the servers were up. I read the posts above and noticed a lot of the "bugs" reported are features, where things such as durations of spells are impacted by relative strengths, etc.

    There were a couple things I noticed:

    1) The new city screens are great. When first entering a city, however, for just a moment, the fog around the city entirely disappears. It is a flash and is distracting... and it is revealing if one can look fast enough, like spotting where the gold or crystal mine is... a valuable piece of information that should require exploring.

    2) The upgraded Griffin special ability is working now (thank you) but the neutral upgraded Griffins still do not use it. The not upgraded ones use the not upgraded Griffin ability (which is better in some ways), but not the upgraded ability. Instead they advance, etc.

    I haven't checked out every capability, ability, item, etc. but would like to request they all be checked and fixed. I and others will help if needed. I think the +3 Sisters/week, +2 Lichs/week, etc, secondary leader capabilities are working now, but it is difficult to tell because the sources of the creatures per week are not enumerated, yet, the way they were in MMH5. It is difficult to remember how many one was getting to see the impact of the leader or taking the city. It is excellent now that the number per week are listed, as totals per the city being viewed and for everywhere one controls, but not yet, #per per direct building or its upgrade per week, #from leaders main skill, # from ability selections, #from items, # from buildings such as forts, etc. I guess you could take that as a request and not a bug. The number of creatures per week is so important, and a solid secondary goal is to improve it. One can work hard to win that building that gives extra tier 4, 5, 6 creatures per week, but it would be good to see it show up in an enumeration of how many one gets per week rather than checking the totals and trying to remember what it was after each thing done.

    I have heard others talk about the variety of creatures, etc., and that would be good, but I think your approach of dusting off what is already there, first, is right. Maybe some more can be added with expansions.

    About video card support my new computer (high end) was entirely unusable for 1 full year, replacing the video card once, mother board twice... a nightmare. The fault was the video card, even when it was replaced. I now have a high end nvidia card instead that works great. Video card issues are also your responsibility to make the game work with as many as possible, true, but I can testify there are deep video card issues at the hardware and driver levels out there, too. I certainly can empathize with those having problems... it cost me a whole year of continuing to use my old, outdated computer and not being able to play recent games at all. I am not trying to shift responsibiity away from you for video problems... just acknowledging that there are other causes at work as well.
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    I am having a problem where when I go to play Heroes VI it will not let me go into the game. It says "Might & Magic Heroes VI has stopped working, A problem cause the program to stop working correctly. Can anyone help me?
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    I haven't played Homm6 in a few months, but after updating this is the most unstable ive seen the game yet! Im getting this black screen of going nowhere with a spinning circle most of the time I fire up the game. Sometimes it goes unresponsive when the initial Heroes 6 splash screen is displayed. Then I have to ctrl-alt-del to end the game process. When I finally get lucky and the game acutally loads, some of my saved games aren't there?!? So if I reload the program an average of 8 times, then the game loads and I get my saves?

    WTH is going on here? Dont you guys test your patches before releasing them into the wild?

    Also have a SINGLEcard desktop system. No dual cards or on-board video to possibly have a problem with. My system is Win7 X64 with a Radeon 6870 card, and I have the 1.5.2 patch installed.

    Please fix this asap!
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