]Delta2Tactics Clan Recruiting For xbox Ghost Recon Future Solider
Here at {D2TG} Delta2TacticsGaming, we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking for members Think strategically who are willing to attempt to work together as a team and who are looking to join a clan who want to build your gaming skills, We have forums dedicated to our clan and we are always
active. If You Would Like To Join You Must Register at Our Website.http://delta2tactics.enjin.com/recruitment
Here are the Requirements
1 Your Username once you sing up at our website
2 Age Limit 12 To 16 Years of age
3 tell us what Games You Play Choices Ghost Recon Future Solider Battlefield Call of duty Min craft
4 Your Playing Style (Stealth) (Aggressive) Tactical Fun
5 You Must have a K-D of 1.5 or higher
6 What is XBOX LIVE Gamer tag
7 Do You Have A Mic for your XBOX
Thank You Once You Submit Your application @ our website we will send you a message Regarding Your Application
Clan Leader Gamertag Deltastrike909