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    Originally Posted by PurePainV Go to original post
    But to address the player amount problem with the lag... does it need to be 8 on 8? no. I as creator or this idea will settle for at least 6 on 6 any less to small not as much confrontation any more its to lagy.
    4 vs. 4 is already too many for the game to handle.

    How can you possibly think 6 vs. 6 won't be FAR too much when it's already game-breaking for a lot of people with less than that.

    I agree that the game mode can't work with less than 6 vs. 6, but if it requires that many players, it can't work with Ubisoft's inability to create stable netcode. They ALMOST had it in the early days of ACB, but then they broke it trying to "fix" what was less broken at the time than it is now.
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    Ok then 5v5 i think game play is to.... idk in regular matches i like 4 v4 but in the competitive point of view more players would be more suitable
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