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    How Do You Feel About Ubisoft?

    They made the majority of my favourite games, but after experiencing the incredibly disappointing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and the news of replacing Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell, I feel that Ubisoft are no longer a company that care about its customers and they are just chasing profits. I was looking forward to Far Cry 3, and Rainbow Six but I don't feel like I am important enough to them that the game will be up to the standard I expect.

    I'd like to know how the rest of you feel about Ubisoft as a games company. If you do have rage issues, please refrain from posting in this thread as I would like adults to reply.

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    I made the mistake of buying Anno 2070 and Heroes VI. The abysmal DRM method is making me unable to play.

    Shame on you Ubi. You used to make great games before you started treating every PC gamer like a criminal.
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    I am in almost total agreement

    UBISOFT games are great and of high quality, including Ghost Recon. But the fact they are the ONLY games in my experience that have an independent server trying to run in the background to the XBOX servers. 99.9% of my issue stems from the fact I lose connection to UPLAY servers not XBOX LIVE and it kills my game. To access the "special" gear from their store again separated from XBOX is another massive load screen not worth going through because it is sooooo rare that there is anything good available through them.

    My advice, seriously get on board with XBOX LIVE and stop making me put down my game because I have to connect to your servers which are thus-far about as reliable as trying to keep time with an egg timer. You CAN do it but why would you bother when there is a perfectly good clock next to you.
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    I hate their DRM on AC and Anno.
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    This company is treating their customers like piece of crap, shame on you!
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    How I feel about Ubisoft.

    It feels like I'm standing in an Art Gallery and I take a brief look at the most beautiful painting I've ever seen. I never knew paint could create this. I look away towards a sound that I heard. I look back at the painting to see the creator of the painting throwing paint at his creation and he/she doesn't even respond once I question him/her. Then the creator STABS me with a KNIFE, twists the blade and stamps on my head several times.

    I awake form a coma several years later to find that my family died in a car crash during my recovery.

    That's how I feel about Ubisoft. To see such beauty, then see it's creator destroy the beauty and take something from you that makes your life worth a D@mn.

    (Whether or not Ubisoft is a creator of games is not an issue, this still fits)
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    PSN network is better then this lol and that makes me cry like a little school girl, for real
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    THIS @iguanapunk
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    I purchased assasins creed 2 in 2011 and after waiting 2 hours for the uplay server to come online i managed to finally play 2 hours. next day i came online steam agian to play and the server was down again. i stopped playing assasins creed 2 right there and then. and i havent come back to it since

    yesterday i purchased splinter cell conviction. tried to log on today , but cant log on because the servers are down again.

    id just like to say after today i will not be purchasing any more games from ubisoft as i feel your services are appauling towards honest paying customers.

    why shoudl i have to be online to be able to play a game that i have purchased. you try to justify this service with in game gimmicks like uplay points to download pc backgrounds. what utter crap . i could just go on google and get a pick from there.



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    I will launch a lawsuit against this company soon.
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