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    An open letter to Ubisoft concerning DRM


    Please fix your DRM practices. Okay, we get it, you want to make it hard for software pirates. That's understandable. Likely futile, but understandable nevertheless.

    But your DRM is really annoying, and in many cases simply makes people want to stop playing the game.

    For example, if I buy the game on Steam, why do I need to log into Uplay as well? Isn't Steam sufficient DRM? It's not too big a problem after your first Ubisoft game, but it is incredibly frustrating to have to make another account for the sake of DRM when Steam, a perfectly fine platform, is already working to that purpose.

    Also, coercing online action is not cool, not in the least. It's one thing if being online is mandated always and you have good servers (you don't), but what is more egregious is that you lock out features for offline users, and worse, that online and offline are often incompatible. For example, in one of your games, Heroes VI, saving while online makes it impossible to play any saves you make when you're offline. And most frustrating of all, your cloud deletes saved games! Do you know how long it takes me to finish a single campaign map of Heroes VI? A really freaking long time. A really long time. And it makes me furious to lose all that progress because of your poorly thought out DRM. Let players playing online save their **** games to their hard drive, where they can store as many as they'd like without cluttering your precious servers, and don't live in fear of losing their saves. Seriously, where are my saves? This is the main reason I haven't played the game in the past four months. I stopped because it ticked me off so much that I'd have to start over many, many hours of gameplay.

    And have you ever considered the consequences of your servers being unstable while simultaneously forcing players to go online? Several times has a game quit on me because of this. And it happens to a lot of people.

    So please, get your act together. Your DRM practices are abysmal. Worse even than EA's. Yeah, worse than them.
    We game because it is something we enjoy, much like Ubisoft executives enjoy playing squash and yachting. Would you not be upset if your yacht was broken on arrival? If the racquetball courts were closed off in the middle of a riveting game? Please address the serious problems with your DRM.
    a disappointed and very peeved user
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    Kudos to this post. The man speaks the truth.
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    Please use the existing DRM discussion for this topic, you can find it at http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...DRM-discussion
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