View Poll Results: Should RED-PINGER get excluded from matchmaking?

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    perm RED-PINGERs

    ...we all know em well

    ...they are hard to hit, they shoot u without even a chance to react

    ...they ruine games

    MANY ppl feel hurt by this fact!!!

    ...u try to talk those ppl about fixing this issue... but they still do RAGE or continue without reaction.

    THEY STILL FARM players... what do all of u think?

    in other games they get kicked/banned etc...
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    If you see a red-pinger it's because YOUR internet connection is bad and YOU ARE lagging. Not them.

    That's what [GM]Deadly told me today...

    It should be like that: Ping > 200 = Kick to lobby!
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    This issue is down to player numbers atm and as a result low levels of regional filters. Red pingers are a pain yes, but i'm sure once the numbers increase the matchmaking will resolve itself.
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