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    Saved Games disappeared


    so yesterday I spent a couple of hours playing the Settlers 7, and saved my game etcetera before exiting, so I could continue this morning.
    However, imagine my surprise when I found out that nothing had been saved this morning. I have played the Settlers on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of July, yet my saved games all date from the 9th, and even one from June 26. I had cloud saving enabled because I didn't even know you could switch it off (takes ages, too), disabled it now, but I still can't find my saved games in the my documents folder. Is there any way to restore them from the ubisoft game launcher folder? Because those files have the correct date, but they're in a different format.

    Hoping for a very swift reply.
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    Another note, the save game is from the "Expanding the Empire" mission, yet I was playing the "Storm over Meadows" mission, where I was almost finished, and that's where the save game disappeared. I can select the mission from the campaign menu just fine though, making this all the more annoying.
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    There is a known issue with saved games and the new Uplay interface. See this thread:


    So I'd say you should report it to Ubi Support.

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