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    Open Beta and the future of GR:O

    Ok so i am going to start out saying this game needs some sort of lag and ping changes before Open Beta starts. And ways to combat the high pings and lag.

    1: This little ping bar needs to take a walk. And we should be able to see actual pings in the real time numbers not red, yellow, Green bars.
    2: There needs to be put into place some way to handle high pingers/laggers.

    The reason i am saying this and this needs to done for Open Beta. Is that i am sure the BR/ other country players are chomping at the bit to get into the Open Beta. And sorry to say this but every shooter is trashed by these players. For many reasons the main 2 being this.

    1: They come with extreme pings and as we know right now a high ping is favored.
    2: 90% of them do not play they just run chams,cheats, and pretty much any upper hand they can get.

    Other than short of a regional lockout which most likely will never ever happen. This is what we are looking forward to the majority of the community running around with BR in their name. And this will only bring frustration and like all other shooters lead to potential players and customers to the micro transactions to uninstall this great Ubisoft creation.

    The reason i say this "NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!!!!" is simple due to time off from GR:O since sadly Phase 3 ended. I been trying out a lot of the new F2P games that have been released or have been released a few months ago or just hitting Open Beta theirselves. And sadly i have pretty much uninstalled everyone due to the reasons above. When you go into a game and see everyone's 300+ pings and nobody speaking english or trying to on broken english it's not even really worth the time to play a match or even try. Not only did i run into this in the many other games i have installed and uninstalled. I also ran into the whole slue of names with BR in them and many other far away countries and the majority not even speaking english.

    So i have to say to the DEV's you guys need to fix the ping bars to actual real time numbers. And also figure out a way for us North American players to stay enjoying this gem of a F2P you guys have created. Or sadly GR:O will end up like any other F2P shooter out there at the moment over run by BR's and other country players abusing high pings and lag.

    I beg please do not let this great creation become like all the others. That anyone dreads to play.

    (Sorry if this offends anyone out of country but it's the truth)
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    I am deeply offended....
    However, I agree with you on all of your points....
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    A lot of game's i've playing in the past had specific servers dedicated to those countries, NA would play with NA, BR with BR, EU with EU and so on there was allowed crossover but most of the time they stayed on their own region oriented server #1 for better connection and #2 people speaking their own language.

    Maybe UBI could adopt doing this to help control the flood of over seas laggers?

    but im a big supporter of the "show actual number ping" suggestion.
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