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    Love this game

    Started replaying it and it's just a blast, and on PC it looks absolutely magnificent when maxed out.
    The icing on the cake is that the GTX 690 can comfortably deliver 120fps - it looks so cool in motion.
    The only downside was the DRM that plagued this game, but I personally didn't experience any problems with uPlay.

    Anyway, I really hope HAWX 3 is something we can look forward to, a next gen launch title perhaps.

    A few shots/gifs i captured:

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    Hi really nice!

    Hey is this in HUD off mode, if so get some action shots like this.

    Thanks for these shot nice!

    I just hope for a HAWX 3 now with some avionics and flight model additions CCIP bombing mode using HUD etc etc more choice to play arcade mode or full simulation for more experienced people.

    I guess A HAWX version of the old Falcon 4.0 or a DCS version.

    The fact that UBISOFT HAWX has many planes they now should begin to model more the avionics in each plane proper carrier ops would be nice etc etc.

    Anyway I enjoy those shots get some SU series in and the F-16 if you can.


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