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    Lets get our community back together!!!

    Whats going on everyone!!? SoFantastick here. I have been apart of the Splinter Cell community for a long time. While not very vocal about it, ive been here since the first splintercell. I want to try and make our community more lively and active just like when PT and CT where at their peaks.

    I would like to hold community nights, community tournaments(with prizes) and more. I enjoy ALL of the Splinter Cells from 'Splinter Cell' to 'Conviction', also i enjoy the multiplayer in each of them and im sure there are others that feel the same as me. I cast daily streams of any splinter cell game (mostly multiplayer to play with the community) and would like for more people to be apart of it. If its watching or joining in on the action its doesn't matter.

    This is NOT for me to be a stream star or get paid. I LOVE everything about splinter cell and would like to do something for the community while still having fun in the process.

    Send a FR to GT: SoFantastick
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    lolz forgot to put the stream channel.
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    Stream is up for those who are interested
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