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    Can't get oxygen mask or favors

    My one patient in the ward needs an oxygen mask. None of my clinic patients have rewarded these yet (I'm on level 6). I am only allowed to purchase the oxy mask by sending friend requests, or buying House credits. I also have to get favors from my ward patient, in order to treat my CRITICAL patient. It seems like I'm completely stuck, unless I purchase House credits. Or, am I missing something here?
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    Yes, you are missing something, you can request them or message a friend so they gift it to you but the main thing to do is, clinic patients. Before you put the clinic patients down to the pharmacy, make sure that the reward is what you want, in this case Oxygen mask. When you click a clinic patient you get three options (not including emergency), 1 is to use either the blood lab or mri which gives you money. 2 To send them to the pharmacy, which gives you equipment needed for your ward patients. On option 2, look to the right and it tells you what each patient will give you. Option 3 is the ward of course.

    Don't just put random people in the pharmacy. Gl
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    Thanks so much, I appreciate the response.

    None of my friends have signed up yet, so I have no one right now to ask. Is it strange that none of my pharmacy patients offer the oxygen mask? Or is it a rare item? I've been watching for this and it has yet to show up as the reward.
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    Ha! And then I click on a patient who will give me an oxygen mask. Never mind! Thanks again!
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    Sounds like this one has been solved.

    House MD Team
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