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    Uplay PC Known issue

    Hi everyone,

    We are aware of the issues some of you are facing following the launch of the new Uplay PC client. If you are reading this forum and this specific topic, there is a good chance that everything is not running as smooth as we would like on your side, so please accept our apologies for the frustration it might be causing you and know that the whole team is dedicated to sort these issues out in the most diligent fashion.

    In order to do so, your feedback is extremely valuable. When reporting an issue on the forums or contacting Support, make sure that you include all possible details on what you are trying to do, what doesn't work as intended, as well as your Uplay account username. When contacting Support, it will also help us a lot if you can attach the log from the Uplay client, which can be found at the following location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs\ launcher_log.txt

    Below is a list of known issues which we are currently investigating, as well as possible solutions or workarounds that you will need to try first.

    Uplay PC asks me to download a game which is already on my computer.
    This can happen when the game was not installed properly and the registry key is missing, for example if the game files were copied directly without using the game installer. Reinstalling the game via the Uplay client usually fixes the issue.

    I get an error message when clicking on the game in my Games tab.
    If the game was not uninstalled properly, for example by simply deleting the files, some registry keys might still be present on your computer which leads the PC client to believe the game is installed though files are missing. Try re-installing the game from the original DVD or executable to fix this issue.

    Some of my games are not showing in the Uplay Games tab.
    Games that you have bought on Steam have to be launched via the Steam client or via a shortcut created in the Steam client. They cannot be started directly via Uplay PC, which is why they are not showing under the Games tab.

    For all other games, please let us know which game is not showing, where you bought it afrom nd whether or not the game is currently installed on your computer.

    My saved games data doesn't show in the game anymore
    We know how important the time you have invested in your games is and we are investigating very seriously all reports we receive on saved games. Patch 2.0.1 and patch 2.0.2 have been released on Wednesday July 4th and Friday July 6th and has resolved the issue for many players. Please let us know if it is the case for you too or if you still have problems with saved games data not being available.

    I can see some of my saved games, but they are not the most recent ones
    Saved game data is synchronized when you quit the game. If you find that your progression is not up to date when launching the game, please exit the game and restart. This solves the issue in most cases.
    Also, make sure you let enough time for the synchronization to take place when you quit a game and do not close the client before it is done.

    When I'm launching a Steam game via a shortcut, Uplay PC is asking me to enter the CD key.
    Your shortcut probably points directly to the executable in the game folder. Please create a new shortcut via Steam : open your games Library in the Steam client, right click on your game and select "Create Desktop Shortcut".

    My Uplay login and password do not work in Uplay PC though they work on the website.
    Your Uplay password might actually be shorter than you think!: Uplay passwords are a maximum of 16 characters. The Uplay website actually does not register additional characters in the password field, but Uplay PC does. Make sure you only type in the first 16 characters and you should be logged in.

    Assassin's Creed Revelations suffers from very low FPS and feels laggy since the update to the new Uplay PC client.
    We have had only a few reports of this issue and are currently investigating it. In the meantime, try disabling the overlay in the Uplay PC settings (the little cog left of your username on the top right). Please make sure to also send a ticket to our Support team.
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    I have updated today with UPlay 2.0. I bought my Ghost Recon game on DVD so this isn't a steam thing. It has played fine until the updated uplay. It is now asking for my DVD Key. I type it in and it says it is registered against another account. I only have 1 uplay account! NOT HAPPY>

    Can't attach my Launcher.log file as it doesn't give me the option. Email me on how to do it!
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    promotional weapons not registering, becuase Uplay is "not linked" with GR:FS(steam)

    I found the promotional weapon from the facebook game, ghost recon commander, but it says my GRFS is not linked to my uplay account. I have bought the game on steam, and it plays via the ubisoft game launcher of the account which is linked to facebook. Now I cant unlock the weapon via the ghost recon network website, becuase it doesn't register that i have found the promotional weapon. This is very upsetting. Does this have anything to with the fact that the game is not listed on Uplay when you launch from Uplay alone( like it is discussed in this thread) or is it because Ghost recon Commander is still in beta, and it is bug causing me all this trouble. Will you guys fix this so that the steam bought version can be listed on and be launched from Uplay alone like with all the other games from ubisoft?
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    Yeah, me too, I have bought AC:B last year, play it and now after updated, it ask me to insert cdkey, Then I insert my cdkey, guess what, it return "Your cd key is already used"..What a nice answer...
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    My HoMM6 just doesn't start...

    Hi, I've just opened the new Uplay, but my Heroes of Migth and Magic 6 doesn't respond, how should I proceed? I'm afraid of instaling it again and loos all my saves, will it happen?
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    Thanks for acknowledging all those issues. This gives me hope that u will aventually fix most of them.

    And dont forget some games (yes, Im talking about AC2 again) being unavailable in offline mode if purchased from Steam.
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    I just can't launch the game anymore.

    When I double click on the Anno 2070 exe, it's checking that it's the latest version, then the "windows frame" of the uPlay pop up appears, but the content (with the launch button) is not there. I doesn't even get white or black or anything inside, just transparent.
    The uPlay.exe appears in my list of current processes, but it's not loading.I use W7 64.

    So now, thank to you guys @ Ubisoft, I paid for a game that I cannot play because you are unable to do some proper QA/QC / beta test before rolling out an update.

    Fix this VERY QUICKLY, I'm seriously considering calling some association that protect consumer's rights...
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    Heroes 6 won't start for me either!

    Whenever I try to play Heroes 6 online or offline, it won't start up. It will say the game is running for a second, then pull up the after-game report. Um yeah. . . how can you give me the "after"-game report when I didn't even play the game? Yeah, I'm a little pissy at the moment, but I'm frustrated when new stuff doesn't work. You'd think I'd be used to it since I'm a software tester, but programmers can occasionally get on my nerves when they release a product with known errors and bugs.
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    OK so I reinstalled the game after deleting everything, except my saved games.

    here's what I get now, after patching:

    Now can a dev explain it to me?

    Very impressed, you guys really did a good job with "new uplay". Maybe you should have changed the name too to "ucan'tplay", that would have been more appropriate...

    Sorry for venting, but I'm really fustrated. And as someone pointed out earlier, not everyone has unlimited bandwidth, in my case, from the hotel, it took me 3 hours to reinstall it and patch it, only to end up back to square one...
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    Originally Posted by Agdull Go to original post
    Hi, I've just opened the new Uplay, but my Heroes of Migth and Magic 6 doesn't respond, how should I proceed? I'm afraid of instaling it again and loos all my saves, will it happen?
    I meet the same problem. When I start Uplay, it shows that "Unable to download game information". But Anno 2070 can be started from Uplay.
    I asked customer service for help in China yesterday. They told me to download Uplay launcher1.7 to start Migth and Magic Heroes VI. But when I double clicked Anno 2070, Uplay updated to Uplay launcher 2.0 automatically and Migth and Magic Heroes VI still couldn't be found in Uplay games tab.
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