Version 2.1.7 – Thursday February 28th
  • Adding support for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition
VERSION 2.1.5 - Thursday January 24th
  • Reduced "clicks to game". Now pressing PLAY on the Home page will launch you straight to your game.
  • Server and client improvements to Uplay Party and Game Invites systems.
  • Update to functionality of Uplay Ads Banners Service
VERSION 2.1.4 - Thursday January 17th
  • Bug fixes
VERSION 2.1.3 - Friday December 7th
  • Improvements to the Uplay Ownership Service
  • Bug fixes
VERSION 2.1.2 - Tuesday November 26th
  • Added Friend Online Notifications
  • Various fixes for Uplay overlay rendering issues
  • Updates for Far Cry 3 releases
VERSION 2.1.1 - Wednesday November 14h 2012
  • Minor bug fixes
VERSION 2.1.0 - Tuesday November 6th 2012
  • Friends and Chat System update
  • New Uplay Party System - Try it in Far Cry 3 later this year
  • Upgraded UI for Uplay Overlay - check it out with Shift+F2 in game!
  • Added support for DLC
  • Various bug fixes
VERSION 2.0.8 - Monday October 15th 2012
  • Assassin's Creed III preparationsity
  • Added survey functionality
  • Language selection during Uplay installation
  • Various bug fixes
VERSION 2.0.7 - Thursday August 17th 2012
  • Various minor bug fixes.
VERSION 2.0.6 - Wednesday August 15th 2012
  • Fix for Steam games failing to correctly load.
VERSION 2.0.5 - Tuesday August 14th 2012
  • Added Welcome Page for new users
  • Fix to disable Uplay OIverlay on extra large resolutions.
VERSION 2.0.4 - Monday July 30th 2012
  • Fix addressing browser plugin. Plugin now only able to open Uplay application.
VERSION 2.0.3 - Thursday July 12th 2012
  • Connectivity problems when Uplay has been running for a long time have been fixed.
  • Downloading of Heroes Might and Magic Heroes 6's wallpaper Reward has been fixed.
VERSION 2.0.2 - Friday July 7th 2012
  • Additional steps taken to solve the saved games issues some users are reporting.
  • The "Edit Avatar" link now redirects to the correct webpage based on your location.
  • A performance issue during download on low and medium specs computers has been fixed.
  • All users should now be able to see the Uplay Shop properly
VERSION 2.0.1 - Wednesday July 4th 2012
  • Fix for the issue with saved games reported by some users
VERSION 2.0.0 - Tuesday July 3rd 2012
Launch of the newUplay PC Client:
  • Revamped interface
  • Ubisoft games library
  • Friend list and chat system
  • Cloud saves synchronisation
  • Offline mode and proxy settings
  • In-game notifications and overlay
  • Cross-platform Actions and Rewards
  • Links to free to play games
  • Integrated Shop