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    Low FPS at Multiplayer and Campaign

    I am playing in the lowest settings, weak shades,800x600 resolution and etc. when i play in Guerrilla mode my FPS are 50-60 but when i am trying to play multiplayer or campaign i have something about 10-20 fps. What can i do? Game is unplayable...
    My PC

    Windows 7
    Intel Pentium dual CPU E2140 1.60Ghz
    RAM 2gb
    GeForrce 210 (1gb)
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    Did you really think that the game will work fine on your PC? GeForce 210? This card is complete **** and you processor is also very weak. No way you gonna play it normaly.
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    Bump up resolution to be more than 800x600 maybe try 1024x768 or 1280x1080, but set to low Shadow quality, Volumetric lighting, Ambient occlusion
    does this help?
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