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    Wanted to get to Lv 20 before Sat.

    I made this plan a week ago thinking that I could with my Recon (Was 10 at the time).
    The issue I am facing is that ever match I go into my team was nothing but Recons, so I started an Assault (8 so far, probably not going to make it).
    The problem is that the beta is so small that there is <100 people on at a time and ever game has a chance of having one of the 10 or so 20+s that always get MVP ever game, better yet you go up against Team Loco, or TechPow or whoever that's really good at this game (And gets thousands of points more a round than anyone else.

    The problem that I am facing is that I am going up against FTs of 30s who are steamrolling matches (<5 minute rounds) when I am teamed with mostly Lv 1-5s.

    Now talking to them (They're really nice) they say that the only reason they're doing well is because they have better aim which is completely true. But I don' care if I lose, I just don't want to get steam rolled so I get ~100 XP a match (vs something like 1K XP if I had a balanced match)

    I know a few 30s are trying to get their second / third class to 30 so I'm just suggesting we try and make the matches a bit longer or something. You're getting less XP too.
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    Longer matches give huge boosts of XP. Half an hour Conquest yesterday was bloody 3500 XP for my Level 4 Spec.
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    Good luck to you on getting your recon to lvl 20. My assault is on lvl 17. Good luck on getting better matches.
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    Hey guys, just saying but at 8 in the morning when there's only 32 people online you might want to make it possible for me to win.
    Veo running around carrying all of his games and stuff.
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