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    Online multiplayer meetings [times+dates] - MAC & PC

    Alright, so I’m creating a new thread for this to keep it clean!

    I personally think that Driver: San Francisco is an amazing game, and when I think of it, I don’t just think of the way it is right now, but also of what it could actually be. And that’s also a reason why I would like to invest into this project, and make it funnier for everyone.

    This here will always be updated:


    Sunday, 17th February 2013

    starting at 6:00 PM in the Lobby

    Timezone: GMT+1

    The idea behind this is to organize games where we all play together. We did it sometimes already, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

    That means it would be easier to play the modes like Blitz or Capture the flag which require at least 4 players, and we also have many more possibilities during private games, than during public ones.

    How does it work?

    That’s very easy! Basically, the first thing you need to do is to add me (my gamer tag is my username). To do this, go to your multiplayer lobby, then select the friends menu, and then you should have a button that says „search friends“ or something like this. Just enter my name there, and I will accept you. 30 minutes before the game starts, I will simply invite all friends into my lobby. That way, anyone who wants can join. How do you join? Very easy again. If I just invited you, and you happen to be in the multiplayer menu, then you will see a yellow star besides the „friends“ menu. Now open the friends menu, and go to my name. There should be a button like „join game“ or something. And that’s it! You’re in my lobby now!

    If for example the given time is 8:30 PM, then that means that at 8:30 PM I will start the game. I’ll be there earlier and free roaming around… anyone who’s there earlier can join free roam by pressing ESC in my lobby.

    What modes do we play?

    The main idea here is to play one of the team games, such as capture the flag, blitz, relay race, or team rush — since we need at least 4 players for these and that can be hard to find. You know, most players wait for two seconds and then go… But basically we can play whatever we want. That’s why it’s good to be able to communicate, so everyone can give his input. We can go through all modes for example (starting with Trailblazer and ending with Team Rush, I think it’s called?) and we can also choose different settings. For example, are impulse, spawn etc. allowed or not? Do we qualify or not? I found out how to play with a mic — maybe it’s not that bad to have a microphone so we can communicate

    I have also „invented“ a new mini-game which is „Destruction Derby“ — I might do a video on it which shows it.

    Some things to know

    - Some players can not play with other players. This issue hasn’t been solved yet, but it’s something to know. So maybe you will not be able to join my lobby. A rumor says it’s steam players who can’t play against regular players, so the best bet is always to find people with the same version as you. I personally have not the steam version.

    - The times I give are all GMT +1. So check your timezone here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

    So let’s hope it will work this time!

    Some stuff you may find interesting:

    Capture the Flag — how does it work?

    Blitz — how does it work?
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    Tomorrow is the next meeting

    Players in so far for the team games:

    ElementQ (?) (he’s probably not going to be online tomorrow…)
    Tukkert (he said he would join?)
    brok2 (if he has time)

    I’ve seen some more players are wanting to play team games, I always see them searching for players again and again… so I added them and I will invite them to my lobby!
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    You say MAC and PC- does that mean both share the same userbase? Or are you just suggesting PC players do it seperately at the same time?
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    Both share the same 99% of players I am playing against are PC users, although I am a Mac user. Do you want to take part/should I add you to the list? It’s today in some hours
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    I'm not sure yet if I'll be available- but you can try friending me if you like- I tried looking for you but the game had no luck. Could've sworn I typed in your name right, too.
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    It worked for me, I added you! Level 22 right?

    Anyway, I will send you an invitation in one or one hour and a half, you can decide if you join then or not However, that only works for as long as the invite is active, if it expires it’s not possible to join again, unless I return to the lobby.

    But would be cool if you join!
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    I think so, yeah. It was hovering at level 18 ever since 1.03 came out, then just yesterday the new Uplay came out and updated my game, and I'm online again.

    Alright- It's 3 in the morning- I'll head off and grab some sleep and see if I can be ready- the converter says it'll be at 5:30 am for me :P
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    Oh wow I was assuming you’re from here since you’re writing at that time! Hehe.

    So definitely go and grab some sleep now!! :P We won’t be hating on you if you don’t manage to come by the way Maybe we can set up different times next times so it fits for everybody!
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    ok here we go!!!
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    By the way, since many people leave all the „rare“ modes like Blitz, Capture the Flag, or Checkpoint Rush because they actually don’t GET it, I decided to write a little tutorial, hoping it would actually help what these games are even about

    Capture the Flag — how does it work?

    Ok, have you played tag already? Fine. Basically, Capture the flag is similar to tag. And at the same time, it isn’t really. Also, if you played Driver 2 it surely would help to understand as all these modes are pretty similar.

    The thing here is, that it’s a team game — that means players will be split up in two teams. You can change team (depending on the number of players of course) by pressing X, or any other key you’ve assigned to do so. Basically once qualification is over, both teams will start in a row, with one team on the left, and one on the right, and the cars one behind each other. A bit like this:

    (the numbers are qualifications positions, the left column is one team, the right one is the other)

    1 — 2
    3 — 4
    5 — 6
    7 — 8

    And somewhere like 100 meters in front of that, there will be like a „flag“ to grab (just drive over it). So in the beginning it’s all about grabbing this „flag“ first. Then, what you have to do is to bring the flag to your „base“ — basically the „base“ is just a checkpoint. Each team has it’s own checkpoint — you’re the blue one and the opponent is always the red one. So just pass through this checkpoint with the „flag“.

    Now how do you take the flag off someone else? Well, in tag, you would just need to touch the opponents vehicle to do so. In capture the flag, this is a bit different. You actually need to destroy the car! However, the cars are quite weak so it’s easy to destroy them. That’s also a reason why strong cars (Like a Dodge RAM 3500, or even a truck) are the best deal here. Speed is not so important since it doesn’t matter if someone „touches“ you like in tag.

    And what do the other team mates do? Well, that’s easy. Basically, this is some sort of „escorting“ game. Just imagine you’re transporting some precious… stuff, and your team mates need to protect you until you arrive to the „base“. That’s exactly what it is. The other teams will attempt to destroy your car, and your team mates should protect you. Ideally, your team mates will be driving trucks, and they would be driving in front, beside and behind you to protect you (that’s the ultimate trick here!).

    Once you’ve brought the „flag“ to your checkpoint, your team earns a point. If your team has two points, you won. If the other team has a point, and you have a point as well, there should be a third round.

    I think that’s it pretty much! I know, it sounds complicated, but once you get this going, it’s just incredible fun. Just always think of the precious [insert whatever you like here]*and the gangs attacking you, and your bodyguards defending you.
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