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    I would also like to join! Add me and lets be best friends

    When is the next meeting?
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    Yo just came back from holiday! Last time when I was gone on holiday for 5 days I totally forgot how to play this and seriously sucked, I hope it will be ok after like 3 weeks now haha!

    How about next Tuesday, like always? Like Tuesday 28th at 8 PM, and we do a „BIG“ game on that date, and before we can do small games. I need to drive a little bit again hehe
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    Alright I updated the first post, I set the date to Tuesday, 28th August 2012 at 8.30 PM (GMT +1) in the lobby.

    Some players contacted me via PM too, so here’s a list of who’s in or who might be in:

    - ManoelM (Me)
    - Stringfellow1
    - Kowalski_
    - Gameonaise
    - ElementQ
    - Tukkert (maybe? if he finished story mode)
    - aidinabedi
    - KINGmatan
    - brok2 (maybe? he took part the last 3 times or so)
    - Siekierra
    - joseh5

    Wow this seriously started growing! Good that I even created this, otherwise we would never have played capture the flag or blitz I guess!

    Now I don’t know if those players I listen have time on tuesday. So that’s another story.

    If it works, how about we try something else this time, like team rush and relay race? It’s 4+ players as well.


    PS: Those who want to take part, add me (ManoelM) to your friends list. Or I might do sometime!
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    It's sounds great to me, I'll be there
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    If you guys will still be online tuesday later on or earlier I should be there
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    Awesome! Still waiting for other people’s responses if they can 100% on tuesday!

    On that list above we’re 9, is that even possible? I think I read somewhere that private games don’t have a player limit (probably they do!), but just imagine takedown with 8 players hehe!

    What could also be cool and what I’d like to try one day is something like trailblazer or tag without impulse, spawn and swap! That means you need to be lucky and find a good car on the road, and then drive carefully to not damage it.

    But anyway, what’s everyone wanting to play?

    Edit: Added Siekierra and joseh5 to the list above, so we would be up to 11 players. Is that even possible???
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    The best for me: Takedown and that game with flags
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    Small prob... School starts again at Monday for me so I have to go to sleep early so I'll see what I can do, might take part... again, not sure
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    Oh man But 8 PM is not that late, come on!!

    Anyway… here are my plans for tuesday, and they depend on the number of players.

    If we are only like 4 players, then I’ll search for a public team game. Because that way, other players can join us. If we’re like 8, then I’ll start a private game. In a private game we also have some more choice regarding the settings…

    So if we’re around 8, this is what I would do:

    • 1 round tag and 1 round trailblazer without any powers (without impuls, without spawn, without swap). I think this could be really interesting! I already explained… it means you need to choose a good car carefully on the road, and then drive carefully with it because you can’t swap. Crashing with top speed in a car to get the flag won’t do much if you ruin your car and can’t swap I think we should definitely try this at least once.

    • Then I would make a round of takedown, which already lasts quite some time compared to other games. Again, this is only if we’re like 8, or at least more than 6. Because public takedown is maximum 6 players, and if we’re more I would love to try to make a takedown with 8 players. Just imagine the chaos! Mental haha!

    • After that, I would start some rounds of blitz and capture the flag. Not sure how many rounds. If you feel like you don’t want to play anymore, and that we should pass on to the next game, then wait until qualification and don’t do anything, or come to my car and honk.

    • Finally, I would try relay race and team rush. And that would be the end of our tuesday meeting!
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    8PM for you, for me it's a bit later xD

    Anyways, as I said, I'll see what I can do
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