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    Blitz — how does it work?

    And now a little tutorial about Blitz…

    Just like Capture the Flag, this here is a team game as well, meaning players will be split in two teams once again. For changing teams, etc. the same applies as for Capture the Flag!

    Ok so how do I explain this. One of the teams is the „attacker“, and the other is the „defender“. As the defender, there will be a checkpoint and you must make sure that the opponent team doesn’t drive through this checkpoint. This checkpoint will be in the middle of an area which is marked as blue on the map. And the sky will be blue too, I mean as long as you’re in that area (it’s like a big blue bubble), there will be a blue filter of all of what you see. A bit like in the „nightmare“ mode during missions. And what’s that blue area for? Well, inside this blue area, opponents can’t shift. So they will shift outside of it, to take a car, then they will drive in the blue zone (where they can’t shift) and finally attempt to reach the checkpoint. As soon as you touch them, they are eliminated. There’s usually a lot of small streets leading to the checkpoint, so you must make sure to „protect“ everything. For each car that drives through the checkpoint, there’s some points. The ultimate trick here to avoid cars getting to the checkpoint is make road blocks, possibly with heavy vehicles, and then once they are about to hit the road block, or trying to get through it, shift into that vehicle which will automatically eliminate them since they „touched“ you. However, YOU can shift in that area. It’s only for them that it isn’t possible. It’s pretty simple actually. And for everyone point they make, the „zone“ will become smaller, meaning they can shift nearbier and you won’t see them coming as fast. Because they will be closer to the checkpoint. So it becomes harder for you to have control.

    And now the second part, when you are the „attacker“. Basically, the „blue area“ will be red this time. It’s inside the red zone that you won’t be able to shift anymore. You pick cars from outside that zones and then try to find your way to the inside of it, to get to the checkpoint. Obviously this time, you will need to avoid getting touched by the other team. If they made roadblocks, and nobody is in the cars, a heavy vehicle to get through is good. Same thing, for each point you make the zone becomes smaller, so it’s easier to make points.

    Well, I think that’s it pretty much for this one. As for the points etc, it’s the same like Capture the Flag.

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    Hmm really disappointed that it didn’t let us play the team games! brok2 I don’t know if you noticed what was going on, but basically it didn’t let us connect to the team games. Although it worked for takedown. When me or Kowalski tried connecting, it said „failed“ beside his name (usually it would say „connecting“ or something like this), but once you were gone we were able to play. Also my game crashed twice, so I’m not sure who’s „fault“ it was...

    But something that came to my mind… you’re level 23, and that makes me think if maybe at level 23 you can’t play the team games yet? I thought that after level 10-15 all modes would be open. Very strange! Or maybe it was your connection, because your car lagged sometimes :/

    But this problem already happened to us once some time ago… then it always brought us back to the lobby
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    Yeah I noticed the connection failures, it looked the same down my end. In the end I just had to go to bed :P

    I've managed to play both Blitz and Capture the flag just once before, so I know they're unlocked. I don't think the level would have much to do with it- especially in a private party match.

    Sucks though- I was really looking forward to some CTF action!
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    Yeah don’t worry about having to go! And by the way, it was not a private, but a public game! Because that way other players can join us and we can end up with 8 players or something, like I did once (my best Blitz/Capture the flag game!). I tried a private game too later but it failed again.

    We need to try that again for sure! Maybe this time at a time when it’s not 5 AM for you hehe :P
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    Yeah i said i would come, but iam moving to another place so i diidnt have much time, srry for that.
    But dont worrie i will come and going play the game alot when i have the time(hopefully in a few days)
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    Cool! But for now it seems we have a problem — we fail to connect when we are like 3 players and try to connect to a team game. This happens every time to us! We just tried and it says failed to connect. That’s really annoying

    I posted it in the „big list“ thread, if it doesn’t get fixed then I guess this thread here is worthless as it can’t work properly
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    GREAT game tonight!!! Only 3 players — so we couldn’t play public blitz or public capture the flag. So we decided to start a private game, since you can play these even with only 2 players! Last time I played capture the flag and blitz we were 8 players and it was just **** fun, so I thought with 3 players it might not be that funny… and guess what? I was completely wrong hehe. Fantastic game! Never would have thought it was that fun. I’m looking forward to another play! That way I could actually play CTF matches everyday… *shrugs*
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    Gotta love Capture the Flag
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    Hello guys!
    when the next multiplayer meeting??? I miss the flag!!!
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    Me too

    Originally Posted by ManoelM Go to original post
    Tomorrow is the next meeting

    Players in so far for the team games:

    ElementQ (?) (he’s probably not going to be online tomorrow…)
    Tukkert (he said he would join?)
    brok2 (if he has time)

    I’ve seen some more players are wanting to play team games, I always see them searching for players again and again… so I added them and I will invite them to my lobby!
    I would like to join please
    Add me
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