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    Mój Launcher nie działa. Widze tylko czarny ekran na nim. Możecie mi pomóc?

    My Launcher isn't work. I see only black screen.Can you help me?
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    Try update Internet Explorer, Install newest drivers for graphic card, and latest DirectX
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    same problem here
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    I have got similar problem.
    I click on the icon of launcher and nothink happen. Just nothink.

    I have got latest Win7 64bit with latest drivers, ly laptop - Toshiba C660-12x.
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    so? any fix or ?
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    if we have more information maybe wy try to help us.
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    Hi,same problem here. I got Win XP, SP 3 , DirectX 9.0c , NetFramework 4.0, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribuable 2008 (x86). PC is quite old but i think this game wont couse any trouble (GF 4 MX 440, Athlon 2000+)
    So, how we can install it ? Could Flash or Java couse any problems ? Does this game even use flash or java ? I have latest Internet Explorer for win XP.
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    So ? Anything ? Could we fix it somehow ? Except updating IE 'coz im sure everybody did it first.

    Edit: Ive updated Flash and Java just in case, but still not working.

    Anyone ?? Pls :P
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