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    Fixing Missing Mouse Function (USB Razor Nostromo plus USB Logitech Mouse)

    EDIT: I realize now that some buttons of the mouse also work which the keyboard device does not have...however, the Nostromo keyboard has the ability to assign all mouse buttons to a key...the problem changes only in that the Nostromo has only one physical mouse characteristic, the wheel. The Nostromo has to report the ability to provide every mouse button, but no ability would be reported with respect to tracking.

    This is partly for players, partly for the programmers. The workaround to a mix of the Logitech mouse (in this case G9x) and other devices (in this case Razor Nostromo left-handed programmable keyboard) is already known...disable the Razor product in the drivers under Human Input Device. It is about the effect that once getting into the game, the mouse no longer functions as a pointing device.

    The Razor Nostromo contains only one mouse part in it, the scroll wheel. This is, however, a USB device. As a USB device, it is able to enumerate more than one function on a given bus...part of the HID/USB standards. So although it plugs in to only one USB slot, it is logically more than one device (if you are a programmer or run linux, you can easily see the details with lsusb or /proc/).

    If I deprogram the scroll wheel on the Nostromo, nothing different occurs; the only events reported would be from the mouse. On the other hand, when I run the Nostromo normally, both mouse and Nostromo scroll wheels work. This is the only part that works. This tells me that the game is probably enumerating event capabilities from the Nostromo, then stopping. Question for Ubisoft...does your software first enumerate function from the other device, and then stop? If the software enumerates valid events, then stops, this would explain why it stops listening to any event other than wheel up or wheel down. I don't think the software is telling the game to ignore the mouse, I think it simply believes no other buttons or mouse components are present because it failed to merge from all mouse devices. The mouse is obviously recognized, but only the shared component with the first device is recognized.
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    Disabling the Nostromo is not a fix. It's a very popular device especially with FPS games. Not supporting it is a hack, probably due to a mindless port from the 360 version.
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