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    Hector, the dog?

    So i've been on the quest with Wilson for a couple of weeks. It says something about llooking around the blood lab for hector, and that maybe a patient has seen him? I've done well over 200 patients at the blood lab and haven't gotten anything. Am i doing something wrong? hahaha. i'm about to upgrade the machine in case that's what needed to be done. but i wish just wondering if anyone knew what i had to do / had tips to find hector? poor little guy.
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    its a rare drop from bloodwork. Just keep hunting for it =)
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    ive upgraded twice, that didnt do it, I havent seen it yet, a friend has gotten several, and several rats, to get the panecea pill, I havent gotten anything
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    u just got bad luck it has got nothign to do with upgrade even lvl 1 u can get that dog its just rare random drop keep trying
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    Yep, what Proxima said. There are no guarantees, adracing498 -- it's entirely random.

    House MD Team
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