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    It came to my attention that you cant use AC3 Erudito Credits with Steam version of the game if you got those credits not through game itself (and not with your Steam wallet). Problem is, buying them directly (for retail-only) is advertised in a few places. Including Assassins Network. With absolutelly no warning.
    Ubi, you better fix this before you get sued by someone.
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    Hey there,

    My problem is that I've bought Far Cry 3 on steam and can't play the Multiplayer and coop (the Singleplayer work perfectly) . I got a couple of friends who got the same problem but the the friends who bought this game in a store can play coop and the multiplayer. My question is why doesn't work the the Multiplayer and coop on the steam version.

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english but I'm german.
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    Hi Zilli - Please create a ticket to support by clicking on the “Ask a Question” tab on the top of the page at http://support.ubi.com/ so they can look into this for you.
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    Uplay - steam Merg HELP!

    I have bought the game trials evolution gold edition on steam, every time i start it on steam uplay starts and i have to play it from there.
    When im in the game i cant acces neither steam or uplay directly in the game, and for some reason i have to merge my steam and my uplay accounts together how do i do that?
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    Hi, Trials forums are here http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/

    If you are having technical issues I suggest contacting Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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    Can someone help me, please? I want to change my current profile password but the link to the site from email (after you type two captcha's words and clicking send) doesn't work, I got Error... I've written to Ubisoft support but the employee is asking me for any Ubisoft game cdkey screenshot but all of my Ubisoft's games I've bought on Steam and there's no such option to watch cdkey. How can I prove him that this account is mine? I even send him this link https://support.steampowered.com/kb_...KAM-2644#steam but he didn't understand and still wants this screenshot

    OK, a problem with changing password has been solved. I'm using The Bat for emails and it opens emails in text mode and the link was broken. I had to open this email in HTML view then click the link but.. I still want to know how to check Ubisoft's game keys on Steam.
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