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    Altar of eternal servitude doesn't show creatures that have died in the last battle since the last patch.
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    Please fix all bugs in game !

    Bugs after patch 1.5.1 :
    assailant (I to III), defender (I to III). arcane ward (I to III), Fire Shield, Ice Wall, Frozen Ground, Pressed Attack, Toughness II and Toughness III are still marked (with white and red) as reputation-abilities even though they are now neutral abilities;
    arcane exaltation III give +4 magic attack and not +5;
    toughness I still gives 2/3/4 instead of 3/4/5;
    toughness II and III still give +2 instead of +4 and +5 respectively;
    mentoring still says 75% of hero's XP instead of 50%;
    Duck and Cover does not give 20/35/50 but 20/?/40;
    chain lightening cost increased to 65 not 50;
    fireball area of effect is still 3x3 instead of 4x4;
    blizzard duration is 2 turns instead of 3 turns;
    siege master II does not work as intended: base value are not differentiated between blood and tear;
    eternal winter still increases duration to 1 instead of 2;
    mass heroism increased damage to 13% and not 12%
    despair increases morale
    Not sure if its a bug but my town hall gives 2299 gold per day and my fort gives 574.
    I cannot see how much magic/might attack Radiant Glory has.
    It shows that Demented has a growth of 11 even though I can only buy 9 of them.
    hen defending, the W button (wait) & D button (defend) still don't work.. have to use mouse to manually select an action
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    Please, use the form given in the first post of the thread. That's most efficient way to send your suggestion, Also, it will be automatically shown in the eng suggestion table.
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    Plese make Random Map Generator coz the game is Dead !!!!! i still playing Heroes V TotE is the best and ofcourse H3 WoG
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    please fix intel laptop driver issue
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    I don't understand well where should I send my suggestion (or maybe the link in the first post crashed), so I post it here and I hope it will work

    Sanctuary => pls remove the ability that they could walk on the water form multiplayer. In single player it could be funny (for someone), but in multiplayer it's a game breaker

    Blade of Binding => pls remove it from multiplayer (or maybe from the whole game). It's ability to summon Ravagers is a game breaker (when you use it you have no such enemy who could resist you in early game, and when someone survive the early game, then you will have such an advantage 'cause of the use of this, that you will be unbeatable)

    Artifact market => in multiplayer it needs some balance, pls give it to all factions in some case, or something else, but I have no idea
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    i'd love to have the same battle camera movablity as in HeroesV
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    As a reminder - sending is already closed, we're currently preparing the vote. Stay tuned (c)
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    Guys I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I was thinking about future DLC.

    I'd be very happy to support this game by buying DLC that includes extra factions - I held off the Crag Hack DLC because I couldnt see enough new stuff to make it worth it. However I would love to see some DLC factions to expand the roster beyond 5. They don't even need to do a campaign with them I'd just like to be able to use them in online or custom games. How about the elf factions or the dwarves?
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    or titans???how can you make a heroes game whit out elfes dwarf titans and dungeon???
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