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    Cannot connect to conflux

    Just purchased the game yesterday to gain access to the dynasty content + online features, and I have not been able to connect to the conflux since. I have done everything your help post detailed, and it still will not work.

    I have to say, as a loyal heroes fan that has legitimately bought every game in the series, this excessive clunky uPlay ******** and constant phone home to the ubisoft servers disgusts me. Pirates gonna pirate, don't punish your paying customers for that reason.
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    just recently became the owner of the licensed games. Alas, very unpleasant to realize that the pirated version is more stable because Play is not enabled tsonfluh uzhobno makes it possible for the frequent disconnect. What kind of work is underway to correct this error and when to wait for results, with the beginning of the release was enough time as it happened, that this is still not fix
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