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    Seems like ubi changed the lab yet again. I logged in today and there red blood cell count was off the charts, i could barely hit 2 of the displayed cells. You guys are making the game more frustrating than fun. There is no strategy when you sworn the whole screen with red blood cells.
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    Had to come back just for this.
    Oh Dear God cut down on the red blood cells ASAP please! It makes the minigame complitely unplayable! As in yeah it works but you just don't want to play it. I sure don't. It's torture. Nothing fun about the labgame right now.
    Best score yet: 1 correct, 3 wrong, total earnings: 6 dollars. Worth 5 energy? Errrrrr NOT!
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    Hi All,

    This has been brought to the attention of the Development Team, this seems to be causing some frustration amongst players.

    We appreciate the feedback.

    Thank you!
    HouseMD Team
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