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    Join The Brothers At War!

    I. Basics:
    Initial Information- Hello I am Major General Hoot of the Brothers At War's Halo Division, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to join one of the most organized, professional, mature, and friendly clans you could hope to find.

    II. Registration and Enlistment:
    Enlistment Form- To join the Brothers At War, you must first register on our website and fill out the Application. Make sure that you fill out every section. The enlistment process is a simple screening to determine who is truly committed to be a part of BAW. The best way to prove your worth is to be active, both on the forums and in your selected game.

    Probationary Period- New applicants will be required to stay active on the site and in game for a period of 15 days. During this time the staff of the Brothers At War will evaluate your in game attitude, activity on the website, and in general your character. Once the probationary period is complete you will be promoted to Private and placed in a Squad based on the game types you enjoy playing.

    Enlistment Criteria- The following are the base requirements needed for a member to enlist with the Brothers At War:

    +Be at least 14 years of age or older
    +Have a working microphone
    +Be able to access our website on a regular basis
    +Be able to attend practices regularly
    +Be able and willing to follow instructions

    III. What We Have To Offer:
    Gaming- We play a lot, even members from other Divisions will jump into varying games with other members to get into some Matchmaking. We host raid nights, custom game nights, and practices are held throughout the week.
    The Brothers At War Support Divisions in the following games:

    +Halo: Reach
    +Battlefield 3
    +Call of Duty: Black Ops
    +Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    +Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    +Gears of War 3

    By supporting multiple Divisions, we allow our members to remain in one clan, while joining other Divisions if the one they belong to becomes stale.

    Website- Our website is our base of operations, and we are very proud of it. At our site you can find anything you need to know about BAW.

    +Our Rules and Regulations
    +Our Roster
    +Our Forums and Chatroom
    +Our Match Record and Challenge BAW
    +Our Upcoming Events and Practice Schedule

    Additionally, you can find everything you need to know after Enlistment in our extensive Field Manual

    Ribbons and Awards- In the Brothers At War, a ribbon signifies a soldier who has achieved a certain benchmark and has been rewarded a ribbon for it. These ribbons are shown on your site profile. You may see yours and other members ribbons on the side of each post. To receive these awards is a very great honor. Additionally we have medals for achieving tactical proficiency in a variety of weapons and tactical formations.

    Entertainment- We regularly schedule clan matches to gain recognition among other clans, and mixers to form strong relationships between clans. We also have a nice Chatroom where you talk and meet new members. Make sure you keep the chat respectful.

    Organization- We are a well organized clan with a Roster. Personnel are organized into divisions based upon the game they play and put into Squads based on the game type(s) they enjoy. We have a wide variety of forums to discuss different things with other members.

    Promotions- Promotions in the Brothers At War are given for either a show of activity, loyalty, dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills. Do NOT ask for a promotion. Doing so will most likely result in a demotion. The detailed Ranking Structure explains everything about each rank.

    If you decide to enlist, please remember to list Hoot as your recruiter. If you have any questions check out our website section.
    Otherwise contact me on XBL, Gamertag is BAW Hoot.
    See you on the battlefield soldier!
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    We are looking for members from North America, Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. We are building our numbers, so join while the joining is good, folks!
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