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    The Lost Archive dlc problem

    So I've collected all the 20 fragments but no trophy popped up. What's weird is that just after that I replayed memory 5 to get to the other door and successfully got the Breaking the Loop trophy. What have I done wrong? Is this a glitch of some sort?
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    yeah i have such problems too, but its even worse
    it seams that i don't get trophies for doing stuff in the Lost Archive or at least i get one trophy and have to reload the whole game in order to just raise the chance of getting just one trophy
    it's pretty **** weird
    it could also be that i just randomly get the trophies, lif i eg. get all fragments or beat memory 5 or whatever trophy
    i played through without even realizing that i didn't get any trophies but have already found all collectibles -.-
    so i deleted the the game save within the Lost Archive loading screen, and guess what! my whole game save was gone including the main singleplayer save...
    i've contacted ubisoft support to fix this trophy problem and thier answer was: We can't give you information about game content we're just technical support. please adress yourself to the respective forum -.-
    it's like they're just copy&pasting the same sentence into every answer, which contains any trophy name in it, right now.
    so basicly, that's what brought me here, accually. xD

    any help is appreciated
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