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    99 problems....make the dlc free since u botched the games release

    Other than some crashing and disconnects....the game ran well and was pretty fun. Today i try to play and the performance is really sluggish....bad frame rate, input lag, virtually un-playable. So i tried verifying the files in steam....1 failed to validate, but wont re-dl the file. Then i reinstall the game.....same terrible performance. After some poking around on various forums i see alot of people having a ton of problems. This is unacceptable and as a measure of good faith i think ubisoft should make the dlc free for everyone once they patch their broken game...sign if u agree.

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    We are considered lucky if the devs even release a patch to address all those issues, let alone dlc. They really eff-ed up the game release for the pc and still drags the patches and dlcs for eternity. I've also got the game on Steam and they seem to refuse any form of refund, which made me wish I had bought this game from a physical retailer instead or completely avoided this if I had read the forums before I made the purchase...
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    Agree i cant play a full game without being disconnected
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