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    Error 81F6007

    I was playing fine for a few days. Now everytime I try and join a game, as soon as it joins me to a squad I get disconnected to the game for ERROR 81F6007...I have no clue what has changed but this is annoying.
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    Hey SkillShots,

    Send us a support ticket with your DXdiag, along with a description of the issue you're having. Contact Support

    To retrieve your DXdiag
    1. From Windows, click Start -> Run (or Search Programs and Files)

    2. In the Open: box, Type DXDIAG
    3. Click the save button to save the file as a text file in your Desktop.
    4. Click the back button in this browser and attach the file at the bottom of the page.
    Thank you for your patience and thank you for contacting Ghost Recon: Online support.
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    it definitely has something to do with the ports. I turned on UPnP on my router and was able to connect no problem. I suggest putting a sticky at the top of the thread addressing ports and which to be open/forwarded.
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    spammer (victoria202) reported.
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