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    Suggestions to Improve Future Soldier

    1) Obviously an update to address various issues;

    - Controller issues where keyboards and mouse become responsive. In my case I can play with my xbox360 controller however I cannot play with my mouse or keyboard. My mouse buttons work (aim, shoot) but I cannot move my view. Keyboard is also unresponsive. This might be some sort of driver conflict.

    -"Connection from Server lost" Need i say more. This issue is persistent.

    2) Prevent the Over the Shoulder (OTS) view from resetting to default Right Hand Side Shoulder. Players are able to switch shoulders however if a player switches from right to left and then takes cover it will reset to the right hand side when moving out from cover. Instead it should remain on the side a player was on before entering cover. It is frustrating and confusing when I switch to my left shoulder, enter cover only to find my view reset when I move out from cover. Not everyone is right handed. You are restricting player attitudes and cultivating unnecessary in-game attitudes as player compensate for the reset of view.

    3) REMOVE THE BACKPACK FROM THE SCOUT! I cannot stress this enough. When entering OTS view the backpack obscures your view. I have trouble understanding this one. Why on earth would players want a backpack covering a 3rd of the screen?? Aesthetically it is ridiculous so I can't imagine that was the reason for having the backpack. It obscures player view not because it gets in the way of the cross hair but because it is distracting. It is difficult to explain but I suspect it has something to do with negatively impacting our peripheral senses. Also players cannot identify with a backpack. WE NEED TO SEE OUR HEAD.

    4) Improve users ability to host matches. Give the user options. Options = freedom and that is all people want. Freedom. Allow users to specify Host name, location, maps, weapons that can be used, match cycle/duration, spectate and chat options.

    5) This one I'm not sure about but there is a slight acceleration discrepancy. It just feels weird when using right stick/mouse to move your view around the character but this might just be a personal issue I have with the movement of view. It just doesn't feel as responsive as it should.

    I could go on but I'll leave it at that for now or until I discover some other things I think need improving. Don't be put at by my comments Ubisoft. I want the game to be better than what it is that is all.
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    Seems this ended up in the wrong forum. Mods please move it you can. Thnx.
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