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    Missing Critical Case Patient

    I have posted on this issue once before, and sent several bug reports to about it. My critical case patient has been missing since at least June 11. I love the game, but I would love to move on in the game as well, instead of being stuck where I am. During the down time that I have had with the game, I have gotten all machines and pills upgraded to the max, and now have over 100 of each med supply, over 100 favor points, and over 14,000 in budget. I would really like to move on with the critical cases now. My issue came up right around the time that the mini quests came in, and those have never appeared on my screen. I have tried using other browsers. The issue started in that I could not resuscitate the patient, then the next day, he just disappeared altogether. Please help me with this problem.
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    There have been no updates to this thread since you started it, Cathy. I'm going to assume the problem has been solved and close this thread, just to clean the place up a bit. If you are still having problems of a similar nature, start a new one.

    House MD Team
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