[Gameplay] Controllers / Input GRFS

Hi - I have a Logitech G13 Gamepad which I've used in the past to play GRAW2 for years, and I'd like to continue using for GRFS.
Is there a way to do this?
You'd think there'd be support for Logitech devices, they've been world leaders in input devices for decades.

The issue I have at the moment is that the game somehow thinks I am a console and can't be controlled from mouse or keyboard at all!
Very frustrating, since I'm itching to play my new game and can't get to grips with it.

I spent lots of money (which I don't have a lot of to begin with) and pre-ordered the Signature Edition of Future Soldier and now I can't even play it...
The menu's don't seem to be as intuitive as GRAW2 either. How on earth can I play solo and do the campaigns, as was possible in GRAW2?
(You could pick your A.I. Team mates and outfit them as you liked) Is this even possible in GRFS?
Or even set up a Lan party/multiplayer(Non Internet) - you could even solo multiplayer in GRAW2 for testing purposes or just for fun of course.
Do i HAVE to be online and HAVE to have a team in order to be able to play??

I tried reading the handbook, but all the controls referred to in there are for a console gamepad - colour me frustrated!
Do i REALLY need to buy a console gamepad in order to be able to play this??
Or how can I use just keyboard/G13 & Mouse?

Would really appreciate some help and a few pointers.

Thanks in advance

PS: I tried the new user thing as well - didn't work for me...
PS2: The menus in C.O.D. MW3 (Which IMHO is comarable with this game) has intuitive easy to use and follow menus - even the old GRAW2 menus would be better than this...
PS3: As suggested by several - I've also disabled/uninstalled all my Logitech G13 drivers - to no avail - game still won't be controlled by keyboard/mouse. Also - I can't exit the game normally without it generating a minidump/crashing.... can only get out of it by killing the process in taskmanager - this can't be the answer...

Grrrrr - After waiting so long and paying so much money for the successor to GRAW2 (so I thought) my disapointment knows no words... I'm now proud owner of a license for software I cannot use. You have no idea how much I looked forward to this - to say I'm 'gutted' is putting it nicely.
Non transparent and unintuitive menus don't help. Wish they'd kept things simple like GRAW2. (Or C.o.D. MW3 for all its faults - is much easier to navigate - and at least it worked out of the box)

I've played GRAW2 for years and loved it, still play it in fact. The ability to create mods/missions and maps has added to its longevity and made it a game that doesn't grow old. I was hoping for the same from GRFS - maybe I was expecting too much....
A bitter pill after looking forward to it for so long as a successor to GRAW2...

PS3: I hope UBI thinks of something nice to placate and appease the angry and disappointed customers in the PC community