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    [Ubi Official] Friendathon

    House Friendathon 7/3/2012 - 7/31/2012

    To celebrate our new social features, the House Team will be holding a Friendathon. If you invite 5 friends who have never played House M.D.: Critical Cases before, and they accept the invite and start playing the game, not only will you get 2 House Credits immediately per person who accepts, but you will also get 25 House Credits on August first!

    If the community as a whole gets 200,000 new doctors to play House M.D.: Critical Cases, you will all get a Panacea Pill absolutely free!

    Task A: Invite 5 new players = 25 House Credits on August 1st

    Task B: 200,000 invites as a community = Free Panacea Pill

    We have two brand new features that will make inviting friends worth your while:

    1) Every player who accepts your friend invite who has never played the game before will earn you 2 House Credits!

    2) We now have a 'Select All' friend feature which makes it easier than ever to invite friends!

    Note: You will not be rewarded for adding players that already play House M.D.: Critical Cases. These have to be NEW players.

    How To Invite Friends:

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    Did you know, many many of us that play HouseMD, thru Facebook, have been put on notice, or the privledge of adding friends, taken away, They say we've added to many friends we dont know. Feels like you're in second grade. And what is a social network? Didnt know if you new, cuz they came down on me when I went to the fan page and added alot of ppl, cuz the first bunch, only about half play. Now you have a contest? Could be a problem with Facebook. Thanks
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    im still having trouble Resuscitating my patient for the last two months and i have not heared nothing but just the same ol things and nothing please help i would like to continue playing and moving up please help
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    I jujst recently started playing house yesterday as a matter of fact and I can tell I'm gonna love it didn't know it existed til yesterday so still trying to get the hang of it so any help anyone has is appreciated.
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    Hey eva.reed -- as a new player, just to get started, I always like to recommend taking a look at the guide at http://www.gamezebo.com/games/house-...strategy-guide .

    Have fun!

    House MD Team
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    Why isn"t this working ????
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    I got 4 NEW friends 1 TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    In regards to the post about TOO MANY FRIENDS warning:

    I agree! I've had the same message AND one about threatening to remove me profile for adding too many friends that aren't from my area (geographically). What the Hey is the internet for if not meeting people from all over the planet?! Thank you for bringing this up!

    Fight the power!
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    come try a new game
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    need more friends for the game!

    all my friends i have on facebook will not play games with me it sucks!
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