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    Multiplayer ,DIsconnect all the time I cant enjoy it anymore. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT!!!!.
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    Please report this in the stickied threads at the top where the problems can be worked through, and try not to flame and make pointless threads like this when they're stickied ones at the top of the page
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    Hello Ubi soft.

    Well what can I say. Seriously disappointed I have purchased the game today, Signature edition, from Game store, £40. Totally unable to get mouse to work once game is loaded in, it works fine during the menu so the issue is not there, character selection etc works fine too, in solo mode the game does not recognise any mouse directional movement at all. Keyboard G15, Mouse G5 logitec. Can not see any other players if I attempt to play as multiplayer.
    Code for custom item worked fine once update 1.2 was verified. All the rest of the controls work fine. If it was my artwork on display and my paycheck for job done was already in my back pocket I guess it would not trouble me as it is not my problem.
    So far for me as an UBI soft customer, the signature edition has left one impression.
    Signature for Ghost recon future solider is this....do not spend my money on a UBI game that fails to work when i purchase it.

    <NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE>. How many more customers have to stand up before games companies realize it is illegal to produce games in this fashion.

    If it is not illegal. It bloody well should be.
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    Well at least ubisoft didn't fail... to fail.
    Words from a disappointed customer.
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    Originally Posted by MadMatzen Go to original post
    The MP is a joke. How Can they program that bad. Kids in Ubi. All that is to it. Kids not having a clue how to program Right.

    Make All of us a favor. Quit your Jobs. U aint good at it anyway

    Inb4 they have good servers for Assassin's Creed.
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    Would love to play this game that i have downloaded but can not because there is no mouse to look around very unplayable. Think someone from Ubisoft should say something to at least let us know that they are hearing us.
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    I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER i am sick of being told by forum managers that my frustration is understood, i want a statement FROM THE DEVELOPERS to apologize for this farce and tell me when my already paid for product will be usable, i will not stand for this crap any longer

    and this Arctic Strike DLC that you are probably finishing before you think of patch, better be free for PC players as an apology or im cancelling my orders for AC3, Far Cry 3, Blacklist, Watchdogs and everything else you ever make, since they will all be buggy as hell on launch

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    Everyone, please post your review of this steaming pile of ____ on Amazon.com. Help warn others not to lose their money.
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    Already posted bad review on gamespot and gamersgate where I pre-ordered it.
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    Hmm will do same on amazon.co.uk Don't buy this game because its broke! you may get to see the main menu? or even have 5mins play time Before a NASTY fatal error called YETI screws you over so bad you won't get much of a chance to play again. All this for £40.00 what a bargain!! a must buy.. NOT! I have read alot of peed off posts on this whole forum. and even the Chinese and japanese are having Same issues. And not once have i seen anyone from Ubisoft actually respond. Think this is diabolical!
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