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    Collecting Salaries For Jobs

    The way it is now it is almost impossible for me to collect salaries. The problems Im having is I dont know which neighbors I work for, which job I have on their ranch, and then which one of the dozen bakeries, carrot fields, apple orchards, stables etc that I work at. It would be nice it there were a glow feature for which building that you work at when you go to a neighbors farm. I have also noticed that my saddle bucks do not increase when I do eventually find a salary I can collect. Are we suppose to be getting money from these? If not why even have us collect them in the first place? Or is this a glitch I need to report?
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    Thanks for the report. I'll pass it along!
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    Thanks UBI-Cowhand
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    Your saddle bucks won't change when you collect a salary - saddle dollars are the expensive 'real money' ones - it's your horse bucks, the ingame money, that should change (but I expect that was just a typo and that's what you meant).

    I also second the request for some sort of indication that you have a "job" in a building when you visit the friend's horsefarm - I know it will tell you if you hover over the building/field/whatever, but it's an awfully time-consuming way to find it! Please, just put a red line around it or something so we can see immediately which item we are "working" for!
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    Agreed. I would also like to be able to see, on my own ranch, who is staffing which buildings, so I will know to whom I should send staff requests in the future.
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