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    new patch broke my g35's

    i use g35 gaming headset, and the new patch has seem to have broken them, sounds still comes through, but the voice chat seems to come out of my speakers instead of my headset.

    when i disable my speakers, it does nothing.. anybody have any clue what is going on?
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    Hi DeathPope,

    Do you by chance have Beatsaudio? if you do, make sure in the beats settings that the independent headphones is not checked. I have only ran into this with one other player personally and this is what was the cause of his problem.
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    i do not, i wish i did, because that would be a easy fix

    nothing on my rig has changed since the last patch, im sure the drivers are up to date, and that the software that the g35 uses is working as intended.

    my sound still works, hear all the gunshots and everything in game, but for some reason it seems to think that im not using my headset as far as the voice chat is concerned, i can even still talk to my team via the same headset.

    side note.. your a awesome gm for trying to help me and answering my thread so quickly,

    but the program over riding his mic is a good suggestion, i have other programs that i run like VAC and CEP.. but im pretty sure its not gonna fix it
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    There is something in your software that GRO is picking up and splitting your voice and sounds. Make sure in all your settings everything is set to be geared to your headset. From soundcard software , default windows settings, and your headset software if any. GRO is most likely finding that one setting you never thought about and using it since something new may have changed.in the patch. Also ALT+TAB'n is making GRO go a lil wonky. And there's the good old pc reboot.

    If any of this helps you find the solution post your findings incase someone else stumbles into this.
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    sure would be nice if GRO would gives us a option under audio to pick input and output devices, cant seem to find any program that is interfering with my audio.. still looking into it
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    Make sure your default playback device is your headset... I have a Logitech G930 (wireless G35) and I have no issues at all. Uses the same Logitech Gaming Software control panel and everything.
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