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    PEC rewards not unlocked hawx2

    i am not sure if this is a deliberate feature, but i have reached level 50 on hawx2 and still have four of the PEC rewards locked, but no tokens to unlock them with. This has blocked me from unlocking F22 and Eurofighter planes in the game, and several times when i tried to unlock some of the PEC rewards it didn't work but took the tokens anyway. Is there some way to unlock these now?
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    it happened to me too i was able to unlock most of the planes before reaching the level 50 but when i did it didnt give me more to unlock another planes now i am playing the survival mode and i making XP points but still cant unlock the plane i have left Hawx2 has many problems and for every people is different or similar try to play the coop mode and the survival and pass the challenges
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    Same thing to me too
    I Unlocked most of the planes, but they all locked again.
    I'm level 50 now, what am I supposed to do ;(
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