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    Bad Optimization

    This game seems to have some rather bad optimization. I'm getting rather crappy frame rates when playing this game on max setting something that bothers me. The fact that they also didn't include advanced graphics settings upsets me but that's a slightly less important issue. Still the optimization is crappy as hell. I'm getting on average less than thirty frames per second on my machine. Heres my specs.

    cpu:intel core i5-3750k
    graphics card:2x sli gtx560ti 2gig vram
    ram:8 gig 1600mhz ddr-3 ram
    mobo: msi z77-gd45
    resolution: 1680x1050

    as you can see my systems respectfully powerful so getting crappy frame rates like shouldn't be happening. I sincerely hope you guys can fix issues like this. Just letting you guys know.
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    Try turning off SLi and only run 1 560 you should probably see a big improvement. Since it's still BETA SLi and crossfire isn't really supported yet. Also make sure you have the lastest drivers. Which even though latest drivers is not always a fix some older drivers work better at times.
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