This is the fb page for SlayerGaming.net a Social Gaming Community of Pro teams & players from around the world. Any team can come get their own free url


You get your own free page with visual roster, your own news feed to edit and your own forum section.

All for free forever. Plenty of other teams to compete with for scrims or game battles matches. This is a great tight community that is tired of bad games & bad gamers who thrive on intense competition. As of right now we are a directory of teams & players with all kinds of Feed updates from gaming to sports to music to comedy to Movies & more. We have a great list of free agents & teams waiting to pick you up try you out or play against you. We will have leagues & cash tournaments this winter for games like halo 4 and the new call of duty but right now most of our teams are coming from Ghost Recon. If we get enough teams by September we are hoping to run a huge fall recon tournament.

So like us on fb and sign up today.