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    yeti_release.exe & Norton 360

    Today after patch i had an issue with the yeti file and norton360, norton says that file is a virus itself or a program that can hurt my computer.
    Actually i had some issues like this on some games and norton360 especially with launchers it found some of the files that im using for some time as a bad program and removed it automatically i can make it come back but the fact is is there a really bad program ?Cause most of the program that norton found suspicious were viruses&trojans only 1 or 2 were good and im asking that if anyone experiencing this let me know or anyone have an idea why this happening and what is the solution to make norton trust this file cause there is no trusted list or something like this.

    By the way, before norton gived warning i was in matchmakin screen and suddenly game closed without giving any error or any message and after that norton come up.

    Im totally unlucky im having problems with GRO for over 4 days

    Thanks for reading, have fun in game !
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    Add your Ghost Recon Online folder to the whitelist/exceptions page in Norton 360 and it'll stop checking that folder for viruses. Afterwards, go to your Virus Vault or whatever and restore the files into the folder if they were deleted.
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    So there is no problem with game ?If there is no will do that.
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    No, it's been giving off false positives for a while now.
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    Okay thank you.
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