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    I'm passing along the bugs you're reporting to the team today so they will be aware of what your experiences are. Just so you know.
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    Also can't use my WASD keys or look with mouse. This is awful and shouldn't have be released with bugs like this
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    Repeatable Crash to desktop by entering magnetic View

    Entering 'Magnetic View' (pressing 'V' by default), when asked, on the second single player mission has crashed my game to desktop at every attempt. Game settings (graphics) are set to max on everything, no other issues encountered up until this crash. There are too many settings to play around with, please advise a workaround while you guys already know of this issue. I have also submitted a support ticket with all relevant information from my end, but if there is a faster solution, please mention so.

    skeletal system info:
    Nvidia Geforce 580 GTX
    Intel i7 960 (LGA 1366) running at stock speeds.
    WIndows 7 64-bit
    12 GB DDR3 1600
    230+ GB HDD space left on disk.
    some sort of Creative X-fi sound card...
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    Terrible texture and Lightning particle... i can literally see every single pixels in the sun light >_<

    I have

    GTX 670
    Vertex 4 SSD
    8GB Ram

    I enabled DX 11 does DX 10 make a different?

    The game has quite a lot of bug... and I was super excited to play too today back from work...
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    Quoting from a post I put elsewhere listing bugs pretty well.

    Poor performance on a high end computer, need to disable every other controller and joystick before I can use the mouse/keyboard, longest loading times I've seen for a long time with a computer that can hold almost the entire game on ram alone (more console port errors - PS3 has 256mb ram iirc), no independent mouse sens settings between scoped aim and zoom in aim - can't really play competitively with such a slow scoped aim, can't bind mouse 5 and the key "a" simultaneously, poor textures another throwback to the console porting, no access to options inside the game to set graphics/mouse sens etc without going through numerous long loading screens, laggy input with both keyboard and mouse - bad aiming and unknown number of shots fired per trigger pull plus laggy wasd movement, with mouse/keyboard the firing range occasionally drops out on the first shot, bad menu interface, can't navigate the gunsmith and other menu options with wasd, green and tan camos look either black or too dark to notice though other camos still function fine, did I mention how laggy everything feels on a high end computer with medium graphics?

    The mission you get the L22 doesn't allow me to see anything in the weapon select screen or firing range for any of the weapons. I'll add more as I see them.

    Addition: The game starts to lag after running for a while. Closing and reloading the game fixes this. Memory leak?

    In my opinion the priorities seem to be controller lag, joysticks etc stopping mouse/keyboard play and from what I've heard the 24 refresh rate simulating low framerate. A setting to change normal sens and zoomed in sens is fairly important to implement too. Without these the game is pretty unplayable online to any reasonable degree. The mouse/keyboard problem we can work around, but again I can't really recommend the game without that solved. Options screen accessible from the in game menu rather than the main screen is a huge quality of life boost

    I also think a diablo 3 style implementation for campaign would be useful in that you can select to either open your game up for randoms to join (if you so desire) or join a random running game with that option open (possibly with a preference for nearly full games) so those of us without friends can still enjoy a campaign with real people. MW2 style multiplayer lobby for the survival wave mode would also massively improve re playability for those of us without friends (thus more people buying DLC and more monies for ubisoft). However the game needs to play at a reasonable level in the first place else these additions are meaningless.
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    I think NVIDIA cards are being denied hard by the game causing these silly issues. Ask around if anyone with an ATI card had ANY issues because I have an ati 5770 and the game works wonderfully with no problem what so ever.
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    my friend run on bootcamp with an ati and he has no crash

    i have a monster computer with nvidia and i keep getting those green artifact then black screen..sound is still there and then i have to task manage and delete process
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    graphics look really bad at the moment and run at around 25 fps on my gaming rig which is decent.
    Phenom II X4 975 3.6 ghz
    Single Sapphire Radeon HD 6950
    4GB x 2 RipJaw Ram
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    I think the game is pretty solid right now but its port with GPUs is the only problem, I think with a few driver updates and new drivers being released will solve the bulk of the issues. along with some general optimizing that will be done with experience.
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    Does not have a setting for full screen LCD screens (4:3). Also I did not receive my sig edition guns.
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