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    Why can't we at least preview attachments?

    I was excited to buy a new scope for my M24 Sniper, but after I spent the 900RP i was disappointed. I went in a game, and found the scope more annoying and less helpful then before. So, this led me to wondering, can you add maybe a sandbox mode were we can test all the guns and their scopes, but maybe at a shooting range type of map. Or, maybe have a picture that pops up of what the scope looks like in-game when you hover over the attachment. I understand why the attachment is destroyed after you replace it (although I don't prefer it, I can see why) but before I spend 5 games accumulating the RP, a type of preview would be nice. This is just a friendly suggestion and i'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

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    they could just port that from Future Soldier for all i care
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