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    Splinter Cell Conviction hangs on Laptop

    hi guys, Im new here, just want to ask for some help, I installed splinter cell conviction on my laptop, at first it was just very playable but when I arrived at the level where Sam needs to catch the killer on the lincoln memorial, it started to hang up...

    here is my laptop's specs:

    intel core i5-2410M 2.3Ghz
    8gb DDR3 Memory
    Nvidia Geforce GT540M (CUDA 1gb)

    thanks in advance..
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    NVidia Geforce GT540M is not supported

    Hello meshiyaka... unfortunately your NVidia Geforce GT540M is not supported; see Minimum Requirements for Splinter Cell: Conviction... and if it's not supported, it (most likely) won't work. Even if your Graphics card was supported, Splinter Cell Conviction would still not fully support it because it's a Laptop Graphics chipset. I know you're probably asking yourself "But then why did the game work for a short while?"... the answer is: when you have an application (in this case Splinter Cell Conviction) that does not support your Graphics card, then the application may or may not work (depending on the driver it's emulating)... in some cases the application will work fine and then just bomb all of a sudden (as in your case). Sorry to be the bearer-of-bad news. Good luck.
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    Either throw the game away or throw your laptop away. GAMES ARE NEVER MEANT TO BE PLAYED ON LAPTOPS unless you have a 5000$ ASUS LAMBORGHINI gaming system.
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