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    Guys, why bother trolling the thread just because it looks like one of the few good ideas they had in GameFAQs?

    Originally Posted by mockers00 Go to original post
    Q:What are some way's you have countered smoke bomb *without using smoke bomb as a counter* or found way's to avoid being caught in smoke bombs?
    A: In pre-patch ACR, when Smoke worked properly, and in ACB, you could run up the wall for an Acrobatic Kill as the target was dropping Smoke, if you timed it or anticipated it. In all AC MP modes, it's easily countered by Aerial attacks before the target sees you coming. Mute is a good way to "bait" a Smoke drop, because Smoke users expect Mute to be immediately floowed by a rush for the kill, if you don't charge, they waste the ability.

    The best counter to ANY ability is to not become predictable though. If you've countered Smoke with a specific tactic a couple of times on the same player, do something different next time, and they won't be able to counter you.

    Tactic: When you're in a moving blend group, wait until another group is passing close by or crossing your path before using Morph, then switch to another blend group that's moving in the same direction as either of the two you created clones in. It's basically like "shuffling" the crowd, and NOBODY will pick that you're the player when you're not in the largest concentration of your lookalikes.

    Tip: Don't get too fixated on dealing with a specific playstyle. If you're locked into watching for aerial attacks, you'll miss a pursuer getting a 100+ point Hidden/Poison kill while you're staring at nearby rooftops.

    Q: I already have my own tactics for this, but how do YOU counter Firecrackers in ACB (back when they actually DID something)?
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    Tip: In Deathmathch (could say for most modes) avoid doing anything high profile - running/climbing.
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