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    I said it before, this is a "mainstream" game, while socom was a "niche" game, as such it had a decent (not completely filled with ****baggery) community that knew how to play smart, kicking people who were nubs, kicking people without mics, kicking people who didn't communicate.
    In "mainstream" games you get all 12-30yo CoD players who don't have a clue about teamwork, but will play a team mode just so all the fire isn't coming at them.
    As such my team tends to rush the enemy spawn and lock them in. While CoD players in quick match run around like headless chickens, going for the enemy, not the spawn lock or the objective.

    Ok so take out the socom part. You still have people who play with a COD mindset on every other game they play. They can't turn it off.
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    I said it already alot.

    I'm very curious how people would approach shooters, if devolpers would just remove this carrot in front of peoples head.
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