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    Third Echelon Deniable Ops Map

    Hey there fellow Splinter Cell fans,

    I've been going through the deniable ops modes and having great fun on the Insurgency maps and I heard that there was a Third Echelon map available too!

    Haha I know that I'm like 2 years late on this but I'm still playing Conviction! =P

    I was wondering if there are any codes left or if there's a place to grab one so I can unlock it...or have I missed the boat!?!

    Many thanks in advance! =D
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    Deniable Ops 3rd Echelon Map

    Hello JOHNMCLAY... yes there is a Deniable Ops 3rd Echelon Map available for free at Just sign-up for a free account to receive your code... you must sign-up for an account or they won't give you a code. Here is a direct link to Gamespot Deniable Ops 3rd Echelon Map. By-the-way... If you are a real Splinter Cell Conviction enthusiast, then you must get the Deniable Ops Insurgency Pack... this pack has San Francisco, New Orleans, Utah and Portland maps... these are very cool maps... my favorite is New Orleans. Good luck.
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    Thank-you so much Green Hornet!!!

    Yes, how great are the Insurgency maps! I only realised that I could get them from ubisoft (as opposed to buying a Steam copy of Conviction and the maps) about 2 weeks ago and I've been having a great time of it! New Orleans is a great map...that one and Portland are my faourites!

    Again, thank-you so much! =D
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    If only I was American....
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