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    A few suggestions

    I've been playing Horse Haven for a bit and noticed there are some issues with the game. Here's a list of what I think should be changed:

    • There aren't many ways to make money on the game; you can't sell your horses, you only get 100 for winning a show, 40 for petting zoo, and 15 for training. Otherwise you have to complete tasks/achievements or level up.
    • Money for tasks; you're expected to pay 3,000 or more for items but only get 150 back with some XP?
    • You can't sell your horses. You're expected to just keep them until you have to retire them which can take forever.
    • Quarter Horses cost 15,000. Isn't that a little much? I have a hard time getting past 8,000 and I'm level 21.

    I like playing this game, but it's hard to do anything when everything else is so expensive and you barely make any compensation. I feel like I haven't gotten very far in the game compared to the level I'm at.
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    Thank you for the suggestions! I will pass them along!
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