Seriously.. they were headed in the right direction - now they're just ... meh. About the only ones that aren't terrible now are cloak and oracle (and suprise, there's a million recons running around). I can't really confirm this as I have only played my recon for about 2 matches since this phase came up - but it would be pretty difficult to **** up oracle or cloak at this point. Then again, you seem to have done it for every other ability...

Aegis: weapon changes have made it difficult to capitalize on - unless you're braced, your shots are going everywhere now; and it's not just specialists that feel this, anyone who pushes with the bubble has to practically go prone or take cover if they want any accuracy. An attempt to limit the run-and-gun playstyle I guess, but aegis is far less effective because of it.

Blackout: Half the time it doesn't even disable the people it hits (as it used to). It seems like the radius took a hit too, as it's far easier to run away from now than it was last phase. I don't know if it still burns out inactive abilities or not - but I hope not, maybe it's the players using it - a lot of the usual suspects seem to have vanished - either way I haven't been hit by a single blackout this patch - and I have heard people saying they were practically right next to guys when blackout went off and it didn't affect them.

Blitz: the shield is now paper mache. Anyone with a gun that can fire on full auto can just aim at the center of the shield and cut through it. It is without a doubt the most awful ability in the game now. It not only makes you a huge target when you use it, but due to it's nature, it often separates the blitzer from his team. Further, it is still laughably easy to avoid (hop over a planter, or over some sand bags, or up onto a slightly raised surface of any kind and watch the idiot with the shield run back and forth trying to hit you. When you get tired of laughing at his sorry ***, you don't even have to wait for him to turn around, just shoot him through the completely ineffective shield.

Heat: sure you buffed heat in damage - but people are constantly not being affected by it, despite being directly infront of the reticule for several seconds, and it no longer applies a suppression effect (people can shoot immediately after heat is cancelled). I think this is the closest of the 4 to being balanced. It does good damage though I still see a lot of 1's, I have also seen hits for 30-60 - either way it's a good tradeoff considering you can't use your firearm while it's active. However, it seems to not affect people at times who are clearly in the cone of effect because people all around and behind them are getting hit. not only can they walk up to you and shoot you in the face when this happens, but they can also pop up from cover if they are affected and still get a shot off. There are no words for how frustrating it is to have someone behind cover, heat focused on them - you get up to move to slightly better cover/position/etc and they pop shot you. Further, you have completely removed the suppression effect for some assinine reason, but added a damage dot? I don't get this at all -heat will end and I will still see numbers popping up for a couple seconds afterwards as if it were still on, or people who I have been hitting will be able to immediately fire on me when heat ends... 1 step forward, 2 steps back it seems.

Anyone else have any frustrations about abilities this phase?